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  • Consultation with stakeholders of the Republic of Moldova`s Country Program and the Operational Manual of the National Designated Authority

     17.12.2018    569 Views       

    The Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, through its National Consultants, produced the Operational Manual of the National Designated Authority and the Country Program regarding the Republic of Moldova's engagement with the Green Climate Fund and the drafts of these documents were submitted to stakeholder consultations, in a Workshop, on 13.12.2018.

    The Ministry's Secretary of State, Ms Valentina Ţapiş, official representative of the National Designated Authority for Green Climate Fund (GCF), mentioned in her speech that GCF is a multilateral fund that was set up by developed industrialized countries, parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and it aims to keep global warming below 2oCelsius compared to the pre-industrial period, by providing financial support for projects to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions and climate change adaptation projects to be implemented in the developing countries. "Today, within this workshop, we will discuss two important issues that Moldova has to establish in order to access the financial resources of the GCF. The first aspect concerns the need to develop the strategic vision of the country's engagement with GCF through a programatic approach which is reflected in the document "Republic of Moldova's Country Program for the engagement with Green Climate Fund" and the second refers to the need to develop an intersectoral coordination mechanism for approving climate change investments as well as the NDA roles, functions and responsibilities in the process of examining the project proposals and issuing the 'No-objection' letter", said Valentina Ţapiş, the Secretary of State.

    During the event, both adaptation and mitigation components of the Country Program were presented, focusing on the aspect of the country's ownership, the eligibility criteria of the conceptual notes and project proposals, the country's investment priorities, and the project ideas to be taken over by the GCF's Accredited Entities and thus, to contribute to the country portfolio development in the engagement with GCF. At the same time, the draft Operational Manual was presented and discussed. It describes the national procedures of National Designated Authority as well as the Accredited Entities to GCF operating on the territory of Moldova, seen in the context of the requirements of the Green Climate Fund and the national legal and institutional framework for climate change.

    Finally, the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environmen thave expressed their readiness to increase cooperation and communication between stakeholders, including those dealing with areas affected by climate change, in order to stimulate the process of drafting the project proposals and submitting them to GCF.

    The event was highly interactive, the participants representing civil society, private sector and international agencies accredited asked many questions that the project team had to address during the workshop. The participants were informed, that additional time is given to all stakeholders (till 31st of December 2018) to come with comments referring to the two discussed documents. All set out comments and objections will be taken into account when finalizing the final versions of these two documents, which will then be submitted to GCF for coordination and approval.

    Please note that the Country Program and the Operational Manual were developed with the support of the Climate Change Office within the project "Support to the Republic of Moldova in establishing and strengthening the NDA, development of strategic framework, and preparation of country programme for engagement with Green Climate Fund (GCF)".

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