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    Measuring and evaluating the results and the consequences of adaptation activities (based on annual and biannual reporting indicators) allows to follow the sectoral changes in a shorter timeframe and provides incremental improvements in adaptation and resilience efforts. Reports developed at sectoral and national level, based on monitoring results, will be used in the subsequent planning of SAP and NAP and will be reported to the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

    The NCCC Secretariat performs a synthesis of information to produce reports in accordance with the agreed reporting framework. The reports generalize the information based on all categories of indicators, but also include the expert vulnerability evaluation, gap analyses, thematic feasibility reports, other types of assessments.

    At the end of each planning cycle, the data are aggregated in a "general NAP impact evaluation", which is a synthesis of the results obtained during that period and contains recommendations for the next period. The report including the adaptation recommendations and the lessons learned has an essential role for sustainable development and is presented to the Government of the Republic of Moldova through the NCCC.

    At a later stage, it will be decided whether a third party, such as a research organization, a team of individual consultants or NGOs, will assess the progress of the NAP implementation or set another objective of the evaluation

    At the end of each evaluation, the lessons learned will be presented and communicated to the audience concerned, along with the general public.