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  • Institutional Configuration of M&E

    The M&E framework functions as part of the Climate Change Adaptation Coordination Mechanism (CCACM), the sectoral level being considered as the most important at the time in monitoring and reporting planning and in the implementation of the adaptation. The responsible entity for developing and implementing the Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Framework on Climate Change Adaptation is The National Commission on Climate Change (NCCC), which is composed of representatives of the Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration; the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure; the Minister of Finance; the Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection (at the Minister and State Secretary level) and the NCCC Secretariat. The Committee Secretariat is responsible for collecting and integrating the information on the implementation of climate change adaptation actions at sectoral level and reporting on the status of the NAP implementation. If necessary, specific expertise is also carried out by recruiting individual experts (Technical Committees). Upon completion of each NAP, the National Commission on Climate Change and the Committee Secretariat develop an integrated NAP report on the basis of the M&E system.

    The National Commission on Climate Change will monitor:

    • the progress and the impact assessment of the implemented policies;
    • implementation of adaptation-related planning;
    • development and dissemination of knowledge and research related to adaptation, including methodologies, operational manuals and guides on adaptation of the climate change effects;
    • implementation of adaptation technologies and practices;
    • adaptation financing and investments, including external adaptation funding;
    • the quality assurance process on adaptation.