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  • Scope and purpose of adaptation M&E framework of Moldova

    The increasing importance of climate change adaptation implies the need to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the developed policies and the implemented measures, the state of vulnerability and adaptation of natural and socio-economic systems, the use of human and financial resources, and the estimation of resources needed to reach adaptation targets and objectives.

    The Monitoring and Evaluation system/framework (M&E) of climate change adaptation has been developed and adapted to the specific circumstances of Moldova and is regarded as a way to promote transparency in the implementation of climate change adaptation, data collection on planning and implementation of adaptation as well as verification of the progress of the adaptation process in co-relation to SAP and NAP.

    Setting up the Monitoring and Evaluation framework components of Climate Change Adaptation in Moldova

    The use of a sectoral planning approach, through the development of SAP aligned with NAP, requires the monitoring of sectoral and cross-sectoral adaptation activities and their aggregate impact on the country's overall economy. The results of these sectoral and cross-sectoral activities will be communicated to target groups, such as decision-makers as well as the general public, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, aiming certain adaptation actions. The proposed M&E framework ensures that sectoral adaptation actions are geared to a common adaptation target set for each NAP and serve as a basis for planning future iterations of each NAP/SAP.

    The M&E system for the Republic of Moldova's adaptation component will serve the following purposes:

    • creating a set of global adaptation objectives to which each sector of the national economy will contribute;
    • monitoring the individual sectoral objectives and sectoral indicators;
    • iterative planning based on continuous observations and records;
    • the gradual integration of adaptation priorities into development planning;
    • ensuring the transparency of the adaptation process and data collection;
    • evaluating and monitoring the results and impacts of adaptation activities, investments, programs to strengthen women's and men's resilience to climate change from a gender perspective.

    The M&E system incorporates the knowledge management component that helps to raise awareness and inform the general public about climate risks, disseminate information on the most effective adaptation strategies, how to integrate climate change adaptation into development plans, best practices in the field of adaptation, the lessons learned from the implementation of adaptation projects, successful stories, and other information.

    The major goal of M&E system is to ensure the measurability of the geographic, temporal and sectoral progress, and to determine whether Moldova is less vulnerable to the impact of climate change as a result of successive NAP/SAP.