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  • Workshop organized with the purpose of enhancing the Republic of Moldova`s adaptation to climate change

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    The capture and sustainable use of rainwater through the rehabilitation of existing water reservoirs/ ponds and the construction of others was the main topic discussed during the workshop, held in Chisinau. The event was organized in order to identify the needs in the area of rehabilitation and/ or construction of water reservoirs at community/ local level, along with analysing the questionnaires submitted during the survey. The representatives of the Local Public Authorities of 2nd level participated at the workshop and during the event they emphasized the need of rehabilitation of old ponds and the construction of others in the rural localities.

    The workshop was organized by the Climate Change Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, in collaboration with UNDP Moldova, which are in the process of developing a project proposal for the Development Partners regarding the planning of the adaptation actions of the Republic of Moldova to climate change. The aim was to identify the current state of existing sectoral capacities as well as the future needs for planning and implementing adaptation actions at sector level.

    In his welcoming remarks, the Climate Change Office manager, Vasile Scorpan, mentioned the sustainable capture and use of rainwater through the rehabilitation of existing water reservoirs and ponds and the need for their future construction, and pointed out how to phase out this climate change adaptation initiative.

    During the discussions it was mentioned that insufficient water resources in the country has become a current and stringent problem due to the climate change vulnerability of the country, especially of the rural communities. This requires adaptation measures that will reduce vulnerability and increase resilience to future climate hazards.

    In this regard, the participants of the workshop, underlined that one of the adaptation actions concerns the collection and sustainable use of rainwater and snow melting water. These water resources are proposed to be collected both in existing rehabilitated reservoirs, as well as in the new ones.

    The adaptation intervention will be promoted through the development of the feasibility study on surface water management. The proposed intervention aims at reducing water run-off and water availability through enhanced surface water management, enhance food security through livelihood diversification in agriculture, fisheries and crop production, increase capacity of communities for better water operation, inform the policy makers through provision of inputs for water policy, groundwater regulation, as well as water budgeting and sharing. The implementation of intervention will help build a long-term resilience of drought-prone areas of the country considering both current and future vulnerability to climate change. It will address social inclusion by integrating vulnerable communities of Moldova, including women, in climate resilient water resources management adaptation measures at the grassroots level. Use of renewables such as solar energy and others would also be considered as an adaption element in the water resources management and will be part of the feasibility analysis, as it will support. The solar energy integration would help in wider replication, the opening of the private market for solar pumps and large-scale adoption.

    An action plan for reservoirs rehabilitation or construction will be developed and the external donors to finance these activities will be identified.

    "Within the project, we will determine the feasibility of adaptation interventions, including costs, and identify sources of funding. For the elaboration of the feasibility study and the rehabilitation activities, discussions and negotiations with the development partners will be held", said Ala Druţă, Project Manager of ADA / UNDP "Support for the National Adaptation Planning Process of the Republic of Moldova to Climate Change".

    This activity supports the goals achievement of the Moldova's Climate Change Adaptation Strategy by 2020 and the Action Plan for its implementation approved by Government Decision no. 1009 of December 10th, 2014 and the Moldova-EU Association Agreement.

    Please note that the event was organized under the Project "Support for the National Adaptation Planning Process of the Republic of Moldova to Climate Change" with the support of the Austrian Development Cooperation Agency (ADCA/ ADA) and the financing from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management of Austria.