<![CDATA[COORDONAREA, MONITORIZAREA ȘI EVALUAREA ACTIVITĂȚILOR DIN DOMENIUL SCHIMBĂRILOR CLIMATICE DIN REPUBLICA MOLDOVA ]]> http://portal.clima.md/ 04.03.2021 ro http://portal.clima.md/ Copyright (c) 2021 http://portal.clima.md/CASE STUDIES OF NATIONAL ADAPTATION M&E SYSTEMS: MOLDOVA <![CDATA[CASE STUDIES OF NATIONAL ADAPTATION M&E SYSTEMS: MOLDOVA // Articole]]> http://portal.clima.md/libview.php?l=ro&idc=47&id=469&t=/Presa/Articole/CASE-STUDIES-OF-NATIONAL-ADAPTATION-ME-SYSTEMS-MOLDOVA/ POLICY CONTEXT AND PURPOSE: The Climate Change Adaptation Strategy of the Republic of Moldova (2014) provides an integrated vision to react to the impacts of climate change. Moldova is currently establishing a NAP process and Sectoral Adaptation Planning processes (SAP), which are coordinated by the Climate Change Adaptation Coordination Mechanism (CCACM) and chaired by the National Commission on Climate Change (NCCC).]]> 07.11.2017 10:45