Operational aspects regarding the activity of the National Designated Authority of the Republic of Moldova in relation to the Green Climate Fund and the Accredited Entities
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The Operational Manual describes the procedures governing the commitments of GCF National Designated Authority of Moldova in the context of country's engagement with Green Climate Fund. It will guide and provide support to Accredited Entities (EAs) and potential beneficiaries operating on Moldova's territory on the national level coordination process during the access of Fund's financial resources.

In accordance with decision B.04/04 of GCF Board, the NDA has to: (a) recommend to the Board funding proposals in the context of national climate change strategies and plans, including through consultation processes; (b) facilitate the communication of nominations of entities to the Fund; (c) seek to ensure consistency of funding proposals from national, subnational, regional and international intermediaries and implementing entities with national plans and strategies; (d) implement the no-objection procedure; and (e) act as the focal point for Fund communication.

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